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Entry #1

Advice I get.

2008-10-17 22:20:26 by Thejabe

I posted a topic on the forum, introducing myself and asking for advice. I got almost NO advice, just mostly assholes replied that posted stupid remarks about how I look and why I should leave. It seems like Im not welcome at all. That explains a lot.

I guess I should 'die painfully and slowly in a fucking inferno of justice' because thats the advice I got.
I gave 'FUCK YOU: the movie' (the turd of the week which is 'suitable for all audiences' hence the name) a zero the same as a lot of the others who viewed it. and I only reviewed it twice because the first review i gave got deleted, which was just as 'abusive' as most of the reviews you get, lord zeebmork.

and yeah. sure, im obviously an idiot. and your flash movies are entertaining.


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2008-10-17 22:24:44

Don't take things so seriously on the bbs lol.


2008-11-08 06:35:38

You really should take the advice they gave you, seriously. Leave now while you can. Before you become a fucking immature retarded horse shit like the rest of us.


2008-10-21 10:00:25

dude, the internet is just a place for people to do almost anything without any consequences. It's full of complete pussy's who like to talk big when you're fist is in another part of the world... Don't let that shit get to you man... And thanks for the comment on my shit...